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What do you mean by the cancellation, corner cutting and edge painting of casino cards? Why did you do that? Does the cancellation card have collection value?

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Author: Tan Tiancheng Source: Zhihu

To be honest, there is limited knowledge about card collection.

Tell a joke of your own. I've heard about "Casinos cut cards to prevent cheating" for a long time. But I haven't thought deeply about it. I think that preventing cheating is to prevent stealing angle.

To prevent cheating, a brief summary is given below.

_The appearance of exclusive cards is different, so ordinary cards can not be confused to prevent cheating.

Casinos will work with companies like USPCC to customize exclusive cards.

Unusual back, to prevent the use of ordinary cards out of thousands.

_External prohibition of sale, exclusive card market nowhere to buy, to prevent cheating.

Exclusive cards will only appear in their casinos, not in the market.

Jerry's Nugget is a historical cause, except for the outflow of cards.

_Marking Symbol

Marking marks, distinguishing from cards in casinos, to prevent cheating.

A lot of waste of cards every day, coupled with the need for tourists to remember.

Casinos are marked with perforations, corners, etc. for sale to the outside world.

The purpose of odd-shaped casino cards is similar to that of film ticket punching.

On the one hand, it prevents mixing in, on the other hand, it is kept as a memorial.

_Marking Tool

_Playing Card Corner Cutters

_Playing Card Corner Cutters

Marking machine is not a product of high technology.

Tools that can make a significant difference in the appearance of cards can be used.

Nail knife is OK too. Unfortunately, the efficiency is slower.

_Collection Value

Look at what the so-called value is.

Is it a commemoration of the tourists'visit here?

It's what @Wenjun Mao said about players... What is the so-called value? It's a souvenir of tourists'visit here?

Is it the player's "cost-effective choice"?

Is it the "eye-catching" when a player looks at your Jerry's Nugget?


Everyone has different values, just like them.

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