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About Us

Guangzhou Feima Printing Products Co., Ltd. is a printing factory integrating development, design, production and processing. It is a relatively complete printing factory in Guangzhou. The company's main business: advertising cards, game cards, brochures, paper packaging, promotional folding and other printed products.

With intimate service, we are equipped with professional talents from design to production to shipment. Since its establishment, Guangzhou printing manufacturers have always adhered to the market demand-oriented, relying on good reputation and excellent quality. Excellent quality, low price, good reputation and considerate service have attracted many well-known companies from home and abroad. For the United States, China Telecom, NOKIA, Beijing Hyundai, Hao Le Di KTV, Star K-PARTY and other well-known domestic companies have long-term cooperation and good relations, for their regular production of promotional poker, posters, leaflets, corporate journals and other products, including The production of playing cards, stiffness, clarity, clarity, smoothness, pleasing to the eye, the soft and comfortable feel is clearly different, get the customer's good reputation and recognition!

We uphold the tenet of thinking what our customers think, urgency for customers, and worrying about the customer's concern. We create a good production environment for our customers, so that the guests can make a big return with less investment and make every guest feel at home! Sincerely hope to cooperate with the vast number of customers in need to create brilliant achievements, welcome people from all walks of life to guide and make progress together!

Address: No. 608, North, South Alkali Road, Xintang, Xintang, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou

Contact: Mr. Feng E-Mail:1979248587@qq.com

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