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Approaching the Master of World Memory: 30 seconds of disrupted playing cards

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If the order of a deck of cards is randomly disrupted, can you remember exactly the order of all cards in a minute or less? Obviously, ordinary people can't do it. However, Fu Liudi, the head of Liudi Brain Education, a master of world memory in Zhengzhou, can easily do it. He can even remember more than a dozen decks of playing cards in an hour and more than 300 abstract figures in 15 minutes. He also won the title of "Master of World Memory" awarded by the World Mental Championship.

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This afternoon, Master of World Memory, Liu Di, demonstrated his memory skills to reporters on the spot. Reporters randomly wrote 240 0 to 9 numbers, and then Fu began to remember.

When the time came to more than 3 minutes, Fu Liudi beat the stop timer, and then began to recite in order, all of them recited, without any mistakes.

At the same time, Fu Liudi showed his magical poker memory to reporters. 30 seconds easy to complete, one by one back, color and number of accurate!

See here, you will be curious, it seems that ordinary people, why does he have super memory? How did his memory work out? Is IT talent with super brain, or is it common people who study hard and embrace success?

Fu Liudi told reporters that when he watched Jiangsu Satellite TV's "Strongest Brain" program in 2014, he was shocked by the amazing memory of the players.

Master World Memory Master Liu Di: "At that time, the first reaction was to think that this is a very human act, they must be gifted, not that ordinary people can do it, from the heart is very thirsty, can they do it?"

Through understanding, Fu Liudi found that many of the players on TV came from the World Brain Championship, the world's highest-level memory event organized by the World Memory Sports Committee, whose achievements can be directly recorded in the Guinness World Records. As it happens, Han Mingming's wife has worked in some ways to improve her memory.

Master World Memory Master Liu Di: "My friends help me write random numbers, and then spend a very short time, back to back, back to back, back to back, so that I think ordinary people can do things."

Through self-examination of data, Fu Liudi found that this seemingly incredible super memory, in fact, ordinary people can master through training. So, can I become a master of memory?

World Memory Master Liu Di: "It's a kind of desire, a challenge to oneself."

In March 2017, Fu Liudi found an organization specializing in memory training and signed up to start learning. At the beginning of his study, however, he almost gave up.

Master World Memory Master Liu Di: "From the beginning of the poker card or the number, the first three or four minutes may not remember a deck of cards, then for themselves, it is very difficult to find this thing, there will be the idea of giving up."

Ultimately, Fuliudi persevered in his belief in challenging himself and his strong curiosity about the magical world of memory. In December 2015, Fu Liudi participated in the finals of the 24th World Brain Competition, and eventually won the title of "Master of World Memory", becoming the first person in Henan Province to win the title.

Fu Liudi told reporters that most people in life rely on left-brain memory, that is, rote memorization. This method can remember quickly, but in fact the right-brain image memory is the fastest. Converting things that need to be remembered into images and memorizing them through association is not only fast and effective, but also conducive to developing the imagination and creativity of the human brain. This method, in fact, ordinary people through skilled training are possible to achieve.

Master of World Memory Liu Di: "Let every picture or something without any connection form a vivid picture through some connection, and then facilitate people to remember."

In terms of the most difficult digital memory, Fu Liudi introduced that every memory master has his own unique coding, and his coding is given by himself. Take the 0-9 number as an example, each two randomly compose a code, a total of 100, the code can be basketball, aircraft, aunt, ink, crocodile and so on. Han Mingming revealed that when he saw the numbers, his brain quickly translated them into two or two groups. In addition, he had more than 1,000 locations as his memory tool, which needed to be memorized.

World Memory Master Liu Di: "Will slowly increase the amount of their own training, to the end may spend an average of two to three hours a day to do this training."

Like memorizing numbers, Fuliudi can quickly memorize random poker and use some kind of memory tool.

Master World Memory Master Liu Di: "My method is to convert every deck of cards into an image, that is, my brain is presented with images, so that the brain will be more receptive."

Fu Liudi said that in training, each card corresponds to a fixed image, 52 cards correspond to 52 images, when looking at cards, the card is transformed into an image in the brain, and then through imagination, the image is linked into a group of moving pictures, it is easy to remember. For example, Plum Blossom 4 corresponds to three wires, Block 9 corresponds to a wet dog, and Heart Peach 7 corresponds to headphones. If the order of the cards is Plum Blossom 4, Block 9, and Heart 7, he imagines in his mind a dog with three threads and earphones. By analogy, through a fantasy story in the brain, a deck of cards is very tolerant.